Hard Money Lenders In Ohio

At InstaLend, we know the importance of having a trustworthy partner to assist you in closing your next real estate investment. There are various hard money lenders in Ohio but InstaLend allows you to tailor loans according to your specific needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will guide you in every step of the loan process to make sure you receive your funds quickly.

About Ohio

With a population of 11.68 million, Ohio is the seventh most populous state. The capital and biggest city of Ohio is Columbus, with the main metropolitan regions being Greater Cleveland, the Columbus metro area, and Greater Cincinnati. Ohio is known as the Buckeye State due to the prevalence of buckeye trees near the state border, and residents in Ohio are also known as Buckeyes. The state got its name from the Ohio river and it is the only state with a non-rectangular flag.

Ohio State USA

Our Lending Products

  • Fix and Flip Loans in Ohio: Individuals looking to buy, renovate, and sell a property for profit can use InstaLend’s Fix and Flip Loans. The loan can help you finance the reconstruction of an existing house or complete renovations.
  • Single Family Rental Loans in Ohio: InstaLend’s Single Family Rental Loans are for borrowers who want more flexibility compared to traditional loans. We offer asset-based loans which means we don’t require any income verification. In addition, we can customize the loan to fit your unique needs. You can borrow a minimum loan amount of $75,000 with a 30-year loan term.
  • Rental Portfolio Loans in Ohio: Our rental portfolio loans are ideal for those who wish to finance multiple properties with a single loan. This saves you the hassle of going through separate closings.
  • New Construction Loans in Ohio: With InstaLend’s new construction loan, you can borrow a minimum loan amount of $50,000+ to build your dream home and repay it over a term of 12 months. This form of specialty financing is suitable for individuals who want to build a customized home to their specifications.
  • Multi-Family Bridge Loans in Ohio: Our Multi-Family Bridge Loans provide financing for individuals who want to buy a multifamily property but cannot make an all-cash offer. They are great for repositioning a property while you work on obtaining permanent financing or selling the property after it is stabilized.
  • Multi-Family Term Loans in Ohio: Multi-Family Term Loans help you secure the funding you need to purchase or refinance a multifamily property that is made up of five or more units. This is ideal for those who want to expand their assets or venture into a new area of real estate investment.

Why Choose InstaLend’s Real Estate Loan Programs in Ohio?

Whether you are a seasoned house flipper or just starting on your first investment project, InstaLend offers the fast and simple solution you need. Our attractive rates and diverse loan programs can meet all your long-term or short-term investment needs.

Are you planning to apply for a real estate loan in Ohio? If so, please feel free to schedule an appointment with us today.