Lending Products

At InstaLend, we understand the importance of having a dependable partner to help you close on your next real estate investment. That’s why we’ve made our loan application process easy and straightforward. Everything we do is designed to help you get the fast, secure, asset-based funding you need. By offering a variety of lending products, we are confident that we can help you launch your property investment journey.

Loan Products

Lending Products for Investment Properties

As a real estate investor, it’s likely that you’ll have specific requirements for each of your properties. Our goal at InstaLend is to be your all-in-one lending partner. Whether you’re new to the real estate investing world or are a seasoned investor, we have the lending product for you.

  • Fix And Flip Loans
  • Investors looking to buy, renovate, and sell homes for profit use InstaLend’s fix and flip loans. These short-term, hard money loans are designed to help investors upgrade and resell fast.

  • Single-Family Rental Loans
  • InstaLend’s single-family rental loans are great for investors interested in purchasing or refinancing income producing rentals, which happen to be one of the largest asset classes in the United States.

  • Rental Portfolio Loans
  • Portfolio loans are perfect for individuals that own or intend to own multiple income-producing properties but do not want to go through multiple loan closings, one for each property. Our rental portfolio loans help package these properties under once blanket loan.

  • New Construction Loans
  • Another type of short-term loan is a construction loan, which covers the costs associated with building a custom home. This form of specialty financing is ideal for people looking to break ground with new property.

  • Multi-Family Bridge Loans
  • Multifamily bridge loans are designed for those who want to purchase a property with 5+ units fast but can’t make an all-cash offer. This financial tool is a loan that is based on the value of the property as opposed to the income the property may generate. This means they tend to close more quickly than traditional loans.

  • Multi-Family Term Loans
  • Real estate investments in cash flowing apartment complexes with 5 or more units call for multi-family term loans with InstaLend. Secure the financing you need to acquire or refinance multifamily properties with InstaLend.

Why Choose InstaLend’s Lending Products?

Every real estate investment is unique; InstaLend allows investors to customize loans according to their specific needs. Whether it’s your hundredth real estate investment or your first, we can offer the fast-lending solution you need.

By providing asset-based loans and a simple application process, we make it easy to jump right into investing in your next property.

Trust the experts at InstaLend to help you close within a week of receiving your appraisal report. For any questions or to get in touch with one of our representatives, we encourage you to call our team today at 929-523-8947.

Ready to get started? Feel free to apply for a loan or send us a request for pre-approval.