New Construction Loans

Everyone has a vision of their perfect home but finding it already on the market may be a challenge. That’s where new construction loans come into play! With so many styles and features from which to choose, most people find that they have to compromise on something when they buy a house. Developers that secure new construction loans can help future homeowners build their dream homes to their your exact specifications. No need to compromise on the number of bedrooms, the attached garage, or the front porch. With a new construction loan and the world as your oyster, your clients can have it all.

What is a New Construction Loan?

While there are several different types of home building loans, new construction loans deal with ground-up builds. This form of specialty financing is designed to cover the construction period of single-family units.

About Our New Construction Loans

InstaLend’s new construction loans last 12 months. The loan amount is $50,000+ and covers single-family properties ranging from one to four units. Borrowers must be licensed General Contractors or have prior experience with new construction. There are also no prepayment penalties if you choose to pay back your loan earlier. Once the new construction is complete, occupants can sell the property or turn it into an income-generating rental property.

Why You Should Apply for New Construction Loans at InstaLend?

InstaLend wants our clients and their clients to get the home of their dreams. Our new construction loans make it easier for homeowners to live in their dream homes in less time than they thought possible. With a quick and simple application and approval process, InstaLend’s new construction loans will get developers and borrowers the funding they need to make new homeowners’ dreams a reality.

In addition to new construction loans, InstaLend also offer several other loan programs including fix and flip, rental loans, and bridge loans. Our rates are competitive and programs are customizable, meaning we’ll be able to support any real estate investment opportunity you are interested in.

Our goal is to help you find a loan that suits your specific real estate investment needs. Whether it’s your first real estate investment or if you’ve done this many times before, InstaLend is here to help with the fast lending you need.

Looking for guidance? Speak with our knowledgeable in-house experts for help along the way. They’ll provide you with peace of mind through the entire process.

One of the major benefits of working with InstaLend is that all of our loans are asset-based or property-based. This simplifies our loan process, making it easier, more flexible, and less stringent than traditional loans. We require neither upfront fees to process your loan application nor prepayment fees if you choose to repay the loan earlier.

Interested in getting started? Feel free to call us at 929-523-8947 for more information about our lending products. If you’re ready to take action, we encourage you to apply for a loan or send us a request for pre-approval today.

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