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1. A prospective investor attesting that he or she is an Accredited Investor, as defined by Rule 501 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “1933 Act”);

2. Only once the foregoing condition precedent has been satisfied, to the Company’s satisfaction, will the Company then proceed to deliver a set of confidential offering materials (the “Offering Materials”) to that qualifying prospective investor.

All information contained on the Site, (including this disclaimer language) is qualified in its entirety by and subject to the information contained in the Offering Materials. As explained in detail in the Offering Materials, any Securities are not registered (nor is there any present intention to have them registered) under the 1933 Act, or the securities laws of any states, and will only be offered and sold in reliance on exemptions from the registration requirements of the 1933 Act and requisite state laws. The Securities, once acquired, may not be transferred or resold except as permitted by the 1933 Act and requisite state laws pursuant to registration or an exemption therefrom. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) nor any state securities regulatory authority has expressed any approval or disapproval of the Securities, nor have any of the foregoing authorities passed upon or endorsed the merits, accuracy or adequacy of the Offering Materials. Any representation to the contrary is unlawful.

Securities offered through the Company are only suitable for Accredited Investors, who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with private investments. Investing in private placements requires high-risk tolerance, low-liquidity concerns and long-term commitments. Investors must be able to afford to lose their ENTIRE investment. Investors must carefully consider their investment objectives along with the risks, charges, expenses and other factors of any investment product prior to investing.

No communication, through this website or in any other medium, should be construed as a recommendation for any security offering. This website provides general and preliminary information about a borrower and is intended for initial reference purposes only. It is not a summary or compilation of all applicable information and is not complete. It is subject in its entirety to the Offering Materials, which will only be provided to qualifying Accredited Investors.

Neither the Company nor any of its affiliates is a registered investment adviser or registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Prospective investors should not construe the contents of this website as legal, tax, investment or other advice. Each prospective investor should make his or her own inquiries and consult his or her own advisors as to the appropriateness and desirability of an investment in any borrower and as to legal, tax and related matters concerning an investment in any borrower. All prospective investors are strongly advised to consult with their own tax, legal and financial advisors.

Projections Disclosure

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS, AND ANY EXPECTED RETURNS OR HYPOTHETICAL PROJECTIONS MAY NOT REFLECT ACTUAL FUTURE PERFORMANCE. ALL INVESTMENTS INVOLVE RISK AND MAY RESULT IN PARTIAL OR TOTAL LOSS. There can be no assurance that an investment opportunity or any projected or actual performance shown on the Site will lead to the expected results shown or perform in any predictable manner. It should not be assumed that investors will experience returns in the future, if any, comparable to those shown or that any or all investors on the Site experienced such returns.

Performance Disclosure

Projected and/or hypothetical performance assumes future returns similar to historic returns, even though no borrower or investment opportunity made available by and through the Site is obligated to pay any distributions in the future, and is intended to show only an expected range of possible investment outcomes based on historical average returns and standard deviation of each investment opportunity presented by InstaLend, but does not take into consideration the effect of taxes, changing risk profiles, or future investment decisions. Projected and/or hypothetical performance does not represent actual investments and may not reflect the effect of material economic and market factors. Any other assumptions for projected or hypothetical performance shall be otherwise noted as applicable.

Actual investors on the Site may experience different results from any hypothetical results shown. There is a potential for loss, as well as gain, that is not reflected in the hypothetical information presented. Investors should carefully review the additional information presented on the Site as part of any hypothetical comparison.

Furthermore, please be aware that: (i) that real estate investments are generally highly risky, volatile, and unpredictable; (ii) the real estate industry, the real estate lending industry, and the real estate finance industry in general are subject to significant ebbs and flows and market shifts; (iii) that any investment opportunity one participates in by and through the Site may not generate sufficient cash flow, returns, and/or repayment monies to return any investment, provide sufficient cash flows, or otherwise satisfied any of your investment goals and/or budgetary requirements; (iv) that the value of any underlying real estate property associated with any investment opportunity that one participates in by and through the Site may decline after such participation, thereby potentially lowering the value of any investment or the likelihood of achieving a return of any investment monies; and (v) the Site may provide access to investment opportunities that purport to be “backed”, “secured by”, or otherwise linked to a real property asset, these items cannot and do not guarantee any return of any investment.