Hard Money Lenders In New Hampshire

Obtaining a traditional loan is a time-consuming, tedious, and demanding procedure. If you want to look for hard money lenders in New Hampshire who offer fast, simple, and efficient funding, InstaLend is the ideal option. We offer various types of hard money loans to meet the needs of borrowers and house-flipping specialists.

About New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. The state's capital is Concord, and its largest city is Manchester. From its towering mountains to its picturesque lakes, there is no shortage of natural beauty to be found in New Hampshire. In addition, the state's many historic towns and villages offer a glimpse into America's past.

New Hampshire State USA

Our Lending Products

  • Fix and Flip Loans in New Hampshire: Fix and flip loans are an ideal way to finance the purchase and renovation of an investment property. If you are interested in flipping properties, you'll be glad to know that our fix and flip loans offer can be closed within two weeks and come with a short term of 12 to 18 months.
  • Single Family Rental Loans in New Hampshire: InstaLend’s Single Family Rental Loans is an attractive option for individuals who want to invest in a rental property. Loan up to $75,000+ for single-family properties that range from one to four units.
  • Rental Portfolio Loans in New Hampshire: We offer the option for you to take one blanket loan to finance the purchase of multiple rental properties. Save time and money by consolidating your financing into one monthly payment.
  • New Construction Loans in New Hampshire: Ground-ups is one common type of project financed with our New Construction Loan. This type of loan provides funding to help you create a unique home that stands out from others. We offer a loan amount of $50,000+ and a term of 12 months.
  • Multi-Family Bridge Loans in New Hampshire: InstaLend’s Multi-Family Bridge Loans provides financing for your property while you work on securing the loan. You won’t have to give up on an investment opportunity because you can’t make an all-cash offer.
  • Multi-Family Term Loans in New Hampshire: Expand your real estate portfolio with InstaLend’s Multi-Family Term Loans. If you are keen on investing or building a multi-family unit, we can provide you with the funds you need to begin.

Why Choose InstaLend’s Real Estate Loan Programs in New Hampshire?

InstaLend specializes in providing hard money loans in New Hampshire. With years of experience providing loans for different types of property projects, our experts have the knowledge to help your next real estate project succeed.

We offer much more flexibility compared to traditional loans, and it’s possible to receive your funding within a few days. We do not require income verification or huge amounts of paperwork. We provide you with a loan commitment the same day and close within a few days.

Whether you're considering taking out a multi-family term loan, single-family loan, rental portfolio loan, fix and flip loan, investment property loan, bridge loan, or new construction loan in New Hampshire, we're ready to help. At InstaLend, we're committed to guiding you through the process to ensure that you make an informed decision. The goal is to grow your real estate business. By sharing our knowledge, experience, and insights with you, we help steer you in the right direction and predict a handsome profit.

Our team also recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the New Hampshire real estate market. With its diverse property types and evolving market conditions, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work. That's why we customize our loan solutions to fit your specific project requirements.

Think it's time to apply for a real estate loan in New Hampshire? If so, please feel free to schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to working with you.