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Have you found your perfect investment property in Hawaii and are looking to move fast to take advantage of it? Come to InstaLend today, where you can explore a diverse range of real estate loan programs and apply for the one that best suits your needs.

About Hawaii

Located approximately 2,000 miles away from the contiguous United States, Hawaii is an island state that holds many unique distinctions to its name. This includes being the only state that’s an archipelago as well as the only state located outside of North America. With millions of visitors arriving at the Hawaiian Islands each year, real estate investment is a lucrative opportunity in the state.

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Our Lending Products

  • Fix and Flip Loans in Hawaii: If the property you are eyeing requires a significant amount of work to make it habitable for potential buyers or tenants, consider a fix and flip loan. This bridge loan allows you to acquire the property at a price you are happy with and get the necessary work done before selling or renting it out for a profit.
  • Single Family Rental Loans in Hawaii: Have an eye on a single family property in the market? Take advantage of single family rental loans to acquire the property you are after when the opportunity presents itself and start making a profit once you have rented it out!
  • Rental Portfolio Loans in Hawaii: If you have a portfolio of properties and you are looking at refinancing options, consider a rental portfolio loan. With this convenient loan, you only need to make repayments to one lender, reducing the transactional costs incurred.
  • New Construction Loans in Hawaii: Looking to build a new property from the ground up? Sometimes, it can simply be the case that existing properties on the market don’t suit your needs. With a new construction loan, you can get the capital you need to customize a property that ticks all your boxes.
  • Multi-Family Bridge Loans in Hawaii: When you don’t have ready cash to put down on a multi-family complex, consider a multi-family bridge loan. This loan allows you to secure the property for your needs before you are able to apply for a multi-family term loan and/or get works carried out on it.
  • Multi-Family Term Loans in Hawaii: Multi-family loans allow you to finance a building or portfolio of properties with 4 or more units. Depending on the type and number of units within the building, loan terms can vary considerably.

Why Choose InstaLend’s Real Estate Loan Programs in Hawaii?

As a borrower looking to acquire investment property when the opportunity strikes, InstaLend is a trustworthy private lender you can turn to. We are committed to providing our borrowers with customized solutions to suit the type of investment they are looking to make. What’s more, the approval process for our loans can be completed within a short turnaround time of a few days.

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