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Are you looking to invest in real estate in Florida? If so, you may have made a wise choice. Every year, millions of tourists make their way to the Sunshine State to enjoy the warm weather and beaches that can be found here. Find out why you should turn to InstaLend for a real estate loan today!

About Florida

As the southeasternmost state, Florida is known for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. The Miami metropolitan area is the seventh most populous nationwide on top of being the most populous within Florida. Boasting the longest coastline to be found in the contiguous United States, Florida has 4,510 islands in total.

Florida USA

Our Lending Products

  • Fix and Flip Loans in Florida: Fix and flip loans are ideal for borrowers looking to purchase a distressed company to renovate before selling it for a profit. Coming with a quick approval process and the property itself as collateral, a fix and flip loan can help you seize opportunities timely, as and when they come up.
  • Single Family Rental Loans in Florida: Did you know that single family rental homes (SFRs) have remained one of the best-performing assets over the past few years? To maximize your investment and yield higher potential rewards, getting a single family rental loan can help you attain a property that suits your needs and start bringing in rental income sooner.
  • Rental Portfolio Loans in Florida: Instead of searching for multiple sources of capital, a rental portfolio loan enables you to collateralize and refinance your assets into one manageable loan. This relieves you of the additional stress and processes associated with processing several invoices, reduce transactional costs and allows you to tap into the cash flow of your better-performing properties to obtain the best loan terms available.
  • New Construction Loans in Florida: Looking to construct a property from the ground up, whether for residential or investment purposes? Our new construction loan enables borrowers to attain the home of their dreams that much sooner!
  • Multi-Family Bridge Loans in Florida: If a multifamily apartment building or complex has caught your eye but you are not in a position to purchase it outright, a multi-family bridge loan is what you need. Between the period you have managed to secure financing and are ready to carry out improvement works, this loan can help you acquire a property quickly.
  • Multi-Family Term Loans in Florida: Ready to secure funding for a multi-family complex of 5 or more units? Multi-family properties are popular because you only need to manage one central system while receiving rental income from each separate unit. Our multi-family term loans can be used to finance the purchase of this type of property.

Why Choose InstaLend’s Real Estate Loan Programs in Florida?

Regardless of the specific type of loan you require, InstaLend welcomes borrowers in all stages of the investment journey. With minimal paperwork to file and no income requirements, you can enjoy peace of mind that the approval process will be quick and fuss-free!

Are you planning to apply for a real estate loan in Florida? If so, please feel free to schedule an appointment with us today.