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Michelina Piroino Insights From Owning 50+ Multi-Family Homes

Michelina Piroino Insights From Owning 50+ Multi-Family Homes

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Michelina Piroino. I am currently employed as a real estate agent as well as a business partner at an investment group. We have a self-contained ecosystem of partners, vendors, and transaction coordinators. Our platform aims to coach the public, agents, and property investors in building wealth through real estate Buy-and-Hold multi-family properties. I currently own 50 multi-family homes and specialize in Buy-and-Hold and Fix-and-Flip properties. Our areas are in the state of New Jersey, which we have a high concentration of multi-family homes.

How did you get started in the real estate business?

I have always enjoyed assisting and educating the public about building wealth through real estate investing.

What are some hot markets for real estate that you are excited about?

Atlantic County is the hottest market at the moment. Atlantic City, in particular, excites me since it is undergoing major infrastructural and revitalization work.

How do you source your real estate deals?

We work with passionate agents and wholesalers with whom we have excellent working ties.

What are some checks and balances you’ve put in place to protect your real estate transactions?

Being an expert in the market sector you are investing in. This includes understanding the after-repair value (ARV), rental rates, and construction costs.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone starting their real estate career?

Follow an expert who has excelled in their field, leverage on their success methodology, and join a coaching group that will educate and assist you in closing your first deal.

What is one software you use for your business and recommend to others?

I highly recommend Buildium app for tracking rent and bill.

What is your superpower in life?

I am able to connect with people well since I have spent my whole life working in customer service. My strong suits would be raising capital and joint venture deals.

What is a failure you’ve had in life that set you up for eventual success?

My failure was that I did not educate or model myself after a successful individual early on in my investing career, as well as not learning about nontraditional lending.

What is one book that has influenced your life the most? Why?

I have several, but my favorite is Wealth Cant Wait. I believe the title speaks for itself.

  • May 30, 2022
  • 2 min read
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