Hard Money Lenders In New York

As one of America’s most populous states, New York is an incredibly diverse and vibrant state in which to live and invest. With two-thirds of its population residing in New York City – the most densely populated city in the United States – and one of the highest median household incomes in the country, there is no shortage of real estate investment opportunities in New York. If you’re a real estate operator in New York, InstaLend is your one-stop shop for fast financing.

About New York

New York City has an incredibly strong economy and substantial job market. Most New York residents pay significantly higher rent and mortgages than elsewhere in the United States. The NYC-area housing market is valued at $3.51 trillion with no signs of slowing. Buyer demand reached unprecedented levels in 2021. New construction activity has remained robust despite rising material costs.

Upstate New York, including the towns and suburbs outside of the Big Apple, has a real estate scene that is as prosperous. Lower mortgage rates and quieter living environments have drawn an increasing number of people to live there. With New York home prices up, median sales prices increasing, and new listings decreasing, now is the time to invest in New York real estate.

New York Instalend

Our Lending Products

  • Fix and Flip Loans in New York: Real estate operators looking to purchase, renovate, and sell homes for profit in New York use InstaLend’s fix and flip loans. These short-term, hard money loans help investors upgrade and resell fast.
  • Single Family Rental Loans in New York: InstaLend offers single-family rental loans to borrowers in New York who are interested in buying or refinancing income-generating rentals, which happen to be one of the largest asset basses in the entire United States.
  • Rental Portfolio Loans in New York: Portfolio loans are perfect for real estate operators in New York who own or want to own multiple income producing properties. Rental portfolio loans package these properties into one blanket loan so investors don’t have to go through the trouble of multiple loan closings.
  • New Construction Loans in New York: Another type of short-term loan is a construction loan, which covers the costs associated with building a custom home. This specialty financing tool is ideal for people looking to break ground on new property in New York.
  • Multi-Family Bridge Loans in New York: Multi-family bridge loans are meant for borrowers in New York who want to quickly buy property with 5+ units but cannot make an all-cash offer. This type of loan is based on the value of the property and not the income the property may generate, which means it tends to close faster than traditional loans.
  • Multi-Family Term Loans in New York: Real estate investments in cash-flowing NY apartment complexes with 5 or more units use multi-family term loans from InstaLend to secure the financing they need for multifamily properties.

Why Choose InstaLend’s Real Estate Loan Programs in New York?

InstaLend’s real estate lending products are designed to help you access capital quickly and at much lower rates than alternative lending institutions.

As reliable partners with a track record of success, our range of asset-based lending products come with flexible terms that cater to your individual needs, swift approval and funding, and minimal paperwork. This makes us the right choice for you.

Whether you’re eyeing multi-family term loans to expand your property portfolio or looking to invest in single-family residences, InstaLend's expertise in the field ensures that your investment aligns seamlessly with your financial goals. Our rental portfolio loans are a great fit for investors who wish to manage multiple properties under one comprehensive loan.

For those looking at quick property turnovers, our fix and flip loans are an ideal choice. Perfect for investors looking to renovate and sell properties in a fast-paced market like New York, these loans offer the agility and speed you need.

For investors targeting larger, long-term projects, our investment property loan options provide the necessary financial backing with terms that respect your investment timeline. InstaLend's bridge loans are another strategic option for those who need interim financing while transitioning between properties or awaiting permanent financing.

We also recognize the growing demand for new construction in New York. Catering to this need, our new construction loans are designed to support investors from the ground up.

InstaLend’s commitment to your success is evident in every transaction. Let us be the foundation that holds your real estate success story. Are you ready to apply for a real estate loan in New York? Feel free to call our team today at 929-523-8947.